Running Away From Life

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Or maybe they get hiding. After reading about the death of Guy's daughter in the opening chapter of Jeremy Page's Sea Change I understood Guy's need to run away. Guy is unusual in that he creates not only a new life for himself, but a new second life in his journals where his daughter is still alive.

Guy retreats to a barge in the North Sea. He cuts off contact to most people from his former life and teaches music lessons. Mostly though, he stays on his barge and he writes. As someone who grew up on an island, I understand why Guy ran away to the sea. I understand the pull of the sea and do my best to position myself close to some kind of body of water. In my current home I'm just a five minute walk from a stream and a ten minutes away from a small pond. It's not the ocean, but it does the job. If I were to ever run away from my life I'd be running toward the ocean.

north sea

Credit: Pete Newnham

In the world that exists only in his journals Guy runs away in another way. He retreats to the land of what might have been and though he controls the story, he finds it too runs away from him and goes places he didn't expect. He discovers that he can't hold on to what was that way any more than he could in his real life.

Have you ever wanted to run away from your life? How would you do it? Where would you go?

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