What Happened To Goodbye: There's Always a Third Option

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It is hard to put my finger on What Happened to GoodbyeSarah Dessen. The story of a girl whose parents have gone through a terrible divorce, and who now travels around with her father, it could have easily fallen into melodrama and typical teenage angst. But instead, the protagonist is so relatable that you can't help but identify with her regardless of your age.

Mclean is a senior in high school, who only wants to forget about the past and her parents' scandalous divorce and resulting custody dramas. She barely speaks to her mother, and with every move she and her father make, she picks out a new name and personality so she doesn't have to connect with anyone else either. But in the latest move Mclean gets stuck being her 'real' self, and she is forced to discover just who that is.

While the specific situation in this book may not relate to everyone, the individual details certainly will. We have all had issues with out parents, we have all had moments of self doubt, insecurity and we have all felt the desire to discover who we really are. Everyday we decide what face we want to show the world, and reading this story really made me think about who I am versus who I want people to think I am and if those things are really that different.

In the end this book is less about a teenager finding her way, than a reminder to all of us that when you are stuck between two hard choices you can always work to find a third option.

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