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Narrated by Frank Mackey, Faithful Place by Tana French is set in Dublin, Ireland. It follows Frank as he ventures back into his old life in Dublin where his family is, whom he has not seen in over 20 years since he abruptly left Dublin hoping to get away from his old life and start over.

In 1985, Frank and the love of his life Rosie, whom French describes as near-immaculate, chose to ditch their families and go to London, get married, get jobs and live happily ever after. On the night that they were supposed to leave, Rosie never showed. Frank just assumed that Rosie had a change-of-heart about their lives together, so he continued on to London anyway. He got a great job on the police force, married -- and divorced -- and had a wonderful daughter. He had no intentions of looking back.

Until the day that he got a call from his sister Jackie urging him to come home... it had to do with Rosie.

All of a sudden, Frank finds himself engulfed in a world he so long ago abandoned. He discovered that Rosie did not, in fact change her mind, but may have never made it to London in the first place. He has to face the people of his past, including his family.

I absolutely love the way French is able to full describe his family and their dynamics in a manner that made me feel as though I was right in the Mackey house in Faithful Place. The drunken dad, the overbearing mom that can't quite seem to accept that her kids are no longer kids. The sibling rivalry/taunting/joking... as someone that comes from a large family, I absolutely enjoyed these moments.

There's an unexpected twist as Frank traces his leads and annoys the living daylights out of local police in order to solve the mystery of Rosie's disappearance.

I am now a fan of Tana French and I believe that readers will not be disappointed in Faithful Place.


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