The Kid: Shaken like a Kaleidoscope [SPOILERS]

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Sapphire, author of best-selling novel Push, doesn't hold back. Even through graphic and explicit content, you see real life change in Precious Jones' (character of Push) son, Abdul, as he grows from boy to adolescent in The Kid.

After the death of his mother, Abdul is put into child protective services at the age of nine. In his first foster home he is beaten, abused, and raped by a thirteen year old boy the day he arrives. He spends three weeks in the hospital to recover and receives multiple visits from a "dumb" therapist (as Abdul calls her), and he is put into a home and school for all boys. Here he begins to be preyed on by the Catholic brothers of the St. Ailanthus and finds himself preying on younger boys of the school. 

He is then taken from St. Ailanthus school and placed to live with his great-grandmother, a relative he didn't know existed. It is with her that he learns of his past, the story of his parents, his ancestry, and how she came to live in the house they're in.

It was very hard for me to read at first. I couldn't get passed the language and incorrect grammar of the way the characters talked. I kept finding myself wanting to edit and re-write sentence after sentence with a red ball-point pen. However, once you get used to the sentence structure it does get better.

You see Abdul go through changes as he sets out on his own at age thirteen.  You see a real person go through real change. You see him broken and unsure of his life and where it is headed. He compares his life to his kaleidoscope in a million pieces of colored glass that he can't put back together.  

I have never read anything this intense before.  I did not like the ending.  I didn't like the way the scenes jumped from one to the other in the last book.  I did not understand why Abdul was strapped to his bed, why he was treated so badly, why he didn't know where he was, or why the author didn't reveal any of this to the reader.  Then all of a sudden, with no reasons explained, he is released. 

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