Stroller: Slow Love, Lost Love or Love Never Found?

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In Dominique Browning's memoir, Slow Love, she spends a lot of time remembering and questioning a past relationship. In the book Browning calls him Stroller, a name that he chose for himself after rejecting Walker. Walker isn't his real name either, she chose it because he's best at walking away. And well, that sums up her relationship with Stroller.

Smart women sure can be stupid about men. Don't get me wrong, I'm including myself in that statement. Through the years I've made some pretty spectacularly stupid decisions when it comes to men. This is the thing though -- sometimes someone comes into our lives and we just can't shake them, no matter how hard we try or no matter how much we know we should.

It's not always a man, sometimes it's a toxic friend. While reading about Stroller and Dominique's relationship I kept trying to convince myself that they were, at least, friends. Truthfully though, Stroller wasn't a very good friend either.

love stinks

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I had to keep reminding myself that Stroller was a real person. That he lives and breathes and exists in this world and that he's not just a character in a book. If he was a character a piece of fiction I would have loathed him and took great pleasure in doing so... but he's real. It made me wonder what Stroller was really like. What's Stroller like outside the view we get from Browning? How does he see himself?

There came a point in the book when I just got tired of reading Stroller's name. It kept popping up in places I didn't want to see it. It was one of those scenarios where I wanted to show up at her place with a few bottles of wine and be the third person in her life to ask her why doesn't she think she's worth more than what he's giving her and not leave until she gave me an answer. I think we would have been there for awhile.

But life's like that sometimes. Sometimes we don't just need to wallow in a situation or a memory but we need to wade in it. We need to swim it. And that's what she was doing. She was swimming her way away from Stroller. I hope.

What do you think -- do you think? Have you ever had someone in your life you just couldn't shake? No matter how much you wanted to? No matter how much you know you needed to? How would you feel reading an account of yourself written by a lover?

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