What Happened to Goodbye: A Teenager's Stuggle To Decide Who She Is

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How does one adapt to being moved from city to city and starting a new high school every four months? Mclean is a senior in high school but since her parent's divorce, has been moving from city to city following her father’s job. Part of her coping mechanism has been changing her name and persona each new high school she attended, at least until this last move.

Mclean slowly discovers her own personality and starts to build real friendships for the first time. She is also trying to make amends with her mother and her new life. Find out how Mclean discovers herself or moves on to the next city with her father.

I really enjoyed reading a young adult book mainly to reacquaint myself with this genre as I have a tween at home. What Happened to Goodbye is a wholesome book that did not bore me and showed great development of the characters. I think this book will has a broad interest among the young adult population as many children come from divorced families and are moving for jobs or military reasons. I myself grew up in the same home for 18 years and never had to make this transition. Although Sarah Dessen really allows you to feel what Mclean goes through in the past couple of years and empathize with her.

I will keep this book in our shelves until my daughter is a little older. I am happy to find a clean book which shows my daughter that you can try to be someone else but true happiness comes from looking within.

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