Alice Needed a Blog!

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In Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot, Alice loses ten years of her memory. She doesn't remember her children being born. She doesn't remember her marriage falling apart. She doesn't know who her friends are anymore. As I read the novel, I couldn't help but think it was too bad that Alice didn't have a blog.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bad personal blogger. My personal blog is sorely neglected. I've gotten out of the habit of writing in that space, and I've thought about shutting it down more than once. Yet if I were to go back through my archives, I could get the basics of the last ten years. I'd know that I moved between a few cities. I'd know I'm married. I'd know I own a house.

I wouldn't know that whole story of any of those things. I wouldn't know how I met my husband. I wouldn't know why I moved between those cities. I wouldn't know that my grandmother died or that my best friend is now a mother. In addition to being a poor blogger, I'm not good at recording my own stories just for me. If what happened to Alice happened to me, I wouldn't know the things that it's most important for me to remember.


Credit: Dvortygirl on Flickr

Reading Alice's story reminded me why it's so important to keep a record of those memories. I need to write and share more. I need to make those photo books that I always talk about making. I need to hang some pictures on my walls. I need to remember just how important all of those things really are to me.

What would you want to remember? How do you record your memories?

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