What Happened to Goodbye: A Great Summer Read for Teens

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There were two sides of me that read the book What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. The first was the 33 year-old mother of two. To that side of me the book dragged on and on like the Justin Bieber movie. There were a few times where I thought, "Okay she could end the story right here".

But then there was another side of me. The inner 13 year-old girl. And that side of me loved it. While I read the book I kept hearing Taylor Swift songs in my head. Songs about love, loss, and being the new kid. I kept thinking how much my 12 year old niece would enjoy the story.

It had all the elements that young teen readers just adore. The story centers around Mclean Sweet, a young teenager who is struggling with her parents divorce. After a court battle she lives where her father who's job forces them to move a lot. Mclean is constantly the new girl and uses the moves to reinvent her personality. With each new school a completely different girl is reborn.

In her new school, purely by accident, Mclean is forced to become her real self. She meets new friends, and of course a new boy, who force her to look at herself as well as deal with the issues that she has with her mother and father.

I found this book to be a great summer read for the young teenager in your life.

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