What Happened to Goodbye is a Good Summer Read for Your Teenager

BlogHer Review

I was very excited when I found out the book club would be reading a Sarah Dessen book. My teenage daughter, Camille, and I have read several of her book in the past and enjoyed them. What I like about Sarah Dessen’s books is they are always thought provoking and there is always a lesson you can take away from the books, it’s like a bonus. Since this is a YA book, I thought I would share Camille’s perspective from a teenager, here are her thoughts on What Happened to Goodbye.

What Happened to Goodbye was definitely my favorite of Sarah Dessen’s books and story I truly enjoyed.

I quickly fell in love with Mclean’s character, a girl trying to pull herself together after divorce rips apart her family. I really enjoyed watching Mclean open up to the people and investing in relationships instead of hiding behind a fake identity. What is not to like about David’s character, he was so sweet and genuine! The only problem I had with David and Mclean’s relationship was that I felt that they never had enough time together and that in some ways they were only just getting to know each other.

Throughout What Happened to Goodbye I was torn between hating Mclean’s mother for tearing apart the family, and loving her for trying so hard to patch up her relationship with Mclean despite everything. I felt that the mother-daughter relationship was one of the strongest parts of What Happened to Goodbye because it was very real and both of the characters were easy to relate to. I also felt that the relationship between Mclean and her father was very well developed, but in some ways I found it almost sad that they spent all this time together and yet Mclean could not talk to him about what was hurting her.

If you have a teenage daughter looking for a good summer read What Happened to Goodbye is definitely worth considering.