What Happened to Goodbye is a Must Read

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I couldn’t imagine being a teenager moving from town to town and from one high school to another over and over. That’s just what Mclean, or was it Beth or Liz or Eliza or Lizbet, did in What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. Mclean’s parents went through an extremely public divorce which led to a custody dispute over her. She chose to live with her father. After he closed his restaurant he took a job helping unsuccessful restaurants become successful before he moved on to the next. This meant for a lot of moving around in a lot of different towns.

Every town they moved to Mclean pretended to be someone new. She would hang out with different kinds of crowds and try new things and then it was off to the next town and school. Finally, Mclean made it to a place where she felt at home. She allowed herself to have close friends, even though it was more accidental than on purpose. Mclean learns to finally deal with her emotions over her parents’ divorce and finally learn who she is.

I really got into this book. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. It was fun, entertaining and funny. I felt that even though I have never lived through moving around or my parents divorcing I could really understand what she was going through.

I loved the sarcastic humor and the overall tone of the book. This book is a great read for young adults and older. I look forward to reading more of Sarah Dessen’s books if they are anything like this one. I would recommend this book to anyone.

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