What If Your Mother Forgot About You?

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In Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot, we get input from a few different characters besides Alice. There are also Elizabeth's letters to her therapist and Frannie's letters to her dead fiance. I found myself wishing that we also could hear from Alice's oldest daughter Madison. What would it be like to have your mother completely forget about you?

I guess that's not completely accurate. Of her three children, Madison is the one that Alice comes closest to remembering. When she woke up on the gym floor she thought that she was still pregnant with Madison, whom she thought of as the "Sultana." It was shocking for Alice to find out not only was she not pregnant, but that the baby was now in school.

I can't imagine it was any less shocking for Madison to find out her mother had no memory of her. Of all the children, Madison tugged at my heart the most. Perhaps it was because she seemed to understand what was happening in the adult's world more than the other children. Madison understood that things were not good between her parents. She also understood that a whole lot of things changed after Gina's death. Madison was already dealing with a lot before her mother forgot about her.

pink diary

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It must have been so confusing and upsetting for Madison. I wanted to take just a peek at her diary and find out how she was dealing with everything. What did she really think of her mother's memory loss? The mother that Madison gets after Alice has her accident really isn't the same mother that Madison had before and wouldn't ever be again.

What do you think it we could have learned from Madison's diary?

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