What is Your Confidence Wig?

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There are days when we all need a little help -- a confidence boost. When we are in a situation that makes us nervous or anxious a little thing can make big difference. Jenny Lawson has found things that help deal with her anxiety disorder. She documents many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, and one of my favorites is something that we can all do in our own way -- confidence wigs.

"I'd started wearing a wig in social situations for several reasons: (1) It makes me feel like someone who isn't terrified of people, and (2) if I really fuck something up I can excuse myself, pull off the wig and say, "Who was that really weird redhead and why was she talking about dildos? They really need to be more cautious about who they let in here." The wig is a form of protection, a sort of talisman, allow me to pretend that I'm anyone who isn't me." Page 199

I love the idea of confidence wigs so very much. I have a wig. A decent one. I mean, it's not a great wig but it's a good step up from the cheap Halloween wigs you find in department stores. It's a jet black bob with some serious bangs -- very Louise Brooks. I can't pull off black or bangs with my real hair so it's a whole lot of fun to wear. (Actually, my stylist says he could make my real hair look like the wig but since he's not here to style it every day I pulled out my veto card.)

I generally only use the wig for costumed events. I stand a little bit straighter and it sometimes takes people who know me a few seconds to clue in that it's actually me. I have to change the kind of makeup I wear to pull it off. Wigs are the ultimate in playing dress up for me.

mannequins in wigs

Image: Mannequins in wigs via Shutterstock

Costumes aside, for regular days and events my own personal confidence wig is not a wig at all. I don't have one specific thing I pull out to give myself a boost. There are days when it's as simple as taking time to really style my hair. It could be a certain outfit or *ahem* what I'm wearing under the outfit. It could be choosing the red lipstick instead of neutral gloss.

What's your confidence wig?

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