When Alice Became Supermom

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When Alice wakes up on the gym floor in Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot, she's a very different Alice. She's lost ten years of her life and and Alice quickly finds that she's changed a lot in ten years. To begin with, she's actually at a gym. The people around her treat her like she's very capable and organized. Who is this Alice and when did she become Supermom?

We find out that it is largely due to Gina, as are many things in Alice's life. Gina was the outgoing one that liked to get involved. She kind of tugged Alice along in her wake. Gina's influence in Alice's life made some people resentful, but I think Alice thrived in finding someone who helped her discover that she was capable of doing things and doing them well. She's far less meek than she was in 1998. She's found confidence. Gina doesn't come off looking like the greatest friend in retrospect, but some good did come out of their friends and Alice did love her.

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Ten years a long time and I know that I've changed a lot in ten years. Even disregarding the different relationships I have now, I have a lot more skills. Ten years ago I couldn't knit, grill, or edit photos. Heck, ten years ago I didn't own a digital camera! Working with code scared me and well, ok, some days it still does. I didn't know what a blog was, let alone how to install software on one. I've become far more techy in the last ten years and I like it! A lot of those skills were influenced by the people in my life -- by new friends, coworkers and teachers.

What skills have you learned in the last ten years? How have new friends influenced you?

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