Where Do You Find Inspiration?

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One of the things that I appreciate about Julia Cameron's new My Artist's Way Toolkit is how she's forcing me to pay attention. Yes, my morning pages may be a to do list most days (and yes, I still suck at them) but maybe one out of five days I'll find myself writing out a really good idea. I may not write down a single word after an Artist's Date but during it I'll be observing the things around me. Inspiration can happen anywhere.

Julia Cameron has forced me to think. She makes me notice things. I haven't seen the heron that usually lives in the pond yet this year. Where is he? What's the story with the kid that skateboards up and down the street every afternoon? And how the heck does he managed to stay on the skateboard and text at the same time?

I find myself noticing things like how the light filtered through the trees on a recent walk and just how much cooler it was in that little bit of woods than it was in the open fields. On a recent walk with my husband, as we tried out a new-to-us path, I found myself remember how much I used to play in the woods as a child and how very different that was from my husband's childhood. Being in the woods makes me want to go camping, which in truth I hate, but it is nice to be out in the trees. I have no doubt that should my husband and I go camping it would provide great opportunities for some comic blog posts but I think I'll pass on that particular creative opportunity.

wood sunlight

Credit: Scott Wylie on Flickr

I guess what I'm getting at is that My Artist's Way Toolkit has made me very aware of everything around me. In turn, that awareness is firing off currents in my brain that make me ask questions and cause forgotten memories to bubble up. Julia Cameron has reminded me that can inspiration can come from anything. All we need to do is pay attention.

Where have you found inspiration this month?

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