Which Of The Weird Sisters Are You Most Like?

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Eleanor Brown's The Weird Sisters is the story of three sisters. They are bound by familial love, but really they don't particularly like each other. They are too different from one another and were never really bothered to get to know one another until they are all called home by their mother's illness.

Rose is the eldest and the serious one. Their parents were not the most attentive people and Rose took it on herself to take care of everyone. She was, in her opinion, the glue that held everything together and kept everyone from descending into chaos. Everything would be just fine if people listened to her and did just as she would do. What Rose doesn't want anyone to know is how scared she is of everything falling apart. Change is scary and to be avoided at all costs.

Bean ... oh Bean. She broke my heart. She was so, so convinced that she was nothing. She saw herself existing only in the shadows cast by her smarter, better sisters. (Her opinion, not mine.) She lost herself in booze, sex and stuff she couldn't afford. In New York City, she cast Bean aside and became Bianca. Being Bianca didn't make her any happier, and when she came back home -- lucky not have been charged by her former employer for theft -- she was even most lost than ever.

And then there was Cordy. Cordy was the baby of the family. She was loved best and indulged and never really allowed to fail. Of course, that meant that she was never really able to succeed, either. She flitted from one town to the next, never really growing up but rather wishing for the day that she'd feel grown up. When a home pregnancy test yields a positive result, she runs home, hoping that someone will be able to help her and tell her what she needs to do.

weird sisters

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I find when reading a book it's hard not to compare myself to the characters. How was I the same as the sisters? How was I different? I wasn't really quite like any of the sisters, but as the same time, I saw parts of myself in each them. I understood Bean's desire to leave the small town and how you can feel like a different person in a big city. I understood how Cordy never quite felt grown up. I always thought there would be a moment where being a grown up would feel like it. It does sometimes -- usually at tax time -- but mostly I just feel like me. I don't feel different. And Rose ... it's hard to pinpoint how I felt like Rose. It wasn't so much that I felt like her as much as I understood her. Rose and I are very different, but I got her.

Which of the Andreas sisters are you most like?

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