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It seems only appropriate to talk about trust when discussing Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes. The characters in the book not only have to decide whether or not they can believe what they see on the internet, but also who they can trust with that information. Who will believe them?

At first Thomas is reluctant to tell Ray about what he saw in the window. It's understandable. Ray tends not to listen to Thomas very well when he tell him things. To a point, that's understandable as well. Thomas is not always a reliable source of information. Thomas also has concerns about whether not Ray will believe him -- a concern that makes sense as we find out more about Thomas's history. Ray doesn't initially believe that what they see online is important but he does eventually come around. As they bring more people into their circle, they find that not everyone trusts them and not everyone wants to believe them.

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It made me think of all the times I've seen or thought of something that was a bit unusual and emailed my friends or coworkers to ask if I was nuts. Granted, I've never seen what I thought to be evidence of a murder. My emails are more along the lines of asking whether something I read is right because makes absolutely no sense to me. Then there are the people I reach out to when I have personal concerns. They are the ones that know me best and know when I really need someone to listen to me. My husband is often a great sounding board, and when he can't be I have friends I can turn to for help.

And perhaps that is what made me a bit sad about Ray and Thomas. They had each other but they didn't really have anyone else. The rest of their family was gone. Neither of them them really had any friends. They become friends with Julie, but for the most part it's really just the two of them. They don't have people in their life who are there for them.

Who do you turn to when you need someone you can trust?

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