Would You Give a Friend a Kidney?

Book Discussion

After Gal learns to open up and well, stop being such a grump, she finds herself being befriended by people in ways that she had not imagined. When Gal opened herself up to not only friendship, but to accepting help, she discovered that her friends truly cared about her. One of the most touching moments in Margaret Dilloway's The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns is when she finds out her friends are willing to give her one of their own kidneys if they are a match.

"This is overwhelming. That someone -- people -- are helping me like this. I want to laugh and week. Jump up and down. But instead I stand still, my mouth open, unable to move." Page 315

Not all of us need a kidney. Some of just need someone to take us out for coffee, to give us a shoulder to lean on and to be listened to by someone who cares. But we also need to be willing to accept help when it's offered. Sometimes we need to realize that people don't know that we need help until we tell them. We need to be willing to reach out to others and help them out, too. We need to ask if everything is ok. We need to ask if they need help and we need to remember to keep asking if they need it.

rose in sunlight

Credit: Chema.Foces on Flickr

Gal learned that accepting help, wasn't such a bad thing. It's a lesson that would could probably all apply to our lives, just a little bit more.

Do you let your friends help you? Do you ask your friends if they need help?


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