A Book is an Investment..!

NaBloPoMo nov.27 promptThere are hundreds of books I own and I’m grateful for each one of them; whether it’s a novel or a subject related book, those books contain something precious..I love the company of the books which I treasure. A book is a way another person see at a particular matter.. There are 3 books I really love to talk about.! ...more

Best Book Gifts for Moms With a Bent Sense of Humor.

Fair Warning: This post is almost completely affiliate links. Not that anyone cares, but the feds say you have to announce that stuff, right? So there it is....more
marciasflawless , I was reading my husband excerpts from "Go the F**k to Sleep", and we were ...more

Book Review: Things I Can’t Explain

It’s been decades since we’ve heard from Clarissa and when I started this book I was pretty nervous. There’s a lot of legacy to live up to here. Did she turn out okay? Will I feel okay reading about her outside of the TV series? Things I Can’t Explain, is written by series creator Mitchell Kriegman and will be released November 10th. You can pre-order it now on Amazon....more

Four Books to Read if You Can't Get Enough Hamilton

Like I mentioned in my last two monthly wrap-up posts, I've been listening to the Hamilton cast recording pretty much non-stop (*zing!*) since it was released...more

5 Things I Learned from Danielle Fishel’s Memoir

Danielle Fishel’s memoir is super funny and a very quick read! You could probably knock this book out in a day or two, but it took me about a week because I do most of my reading at 11 pm right until my eyelids give out on me. Nevertheless, I did finish this book! And here are some of my favorite moments:...more

Magelica's Voyage Book Series Review

Magelica's Voyage Book Series Review ...more

7 Books to Help You Talk to Your Child about being Biracial

 As a school counselor, I’ve learned that kids in general usually have some sort of identity crisis in middle or in high school. Why add the confusion of who am I (race wise) to that? I’m still working on our book collection, but I put together a review of 7 books that I think are great for talking to your kids about what it means to be biracial. And for those of you who aren’t raising biracial children, these books are good for the classroom, church or even for parents who adopt outside of their race. Here we go… ...more

September Reads {2015}

As much as I love fall, I’m kind of struggling with it. Whenver someone asks me what my favorite season is, I usually answer fall. But then I immediately start explaining why, and then it becomes this whole long explanation of how I also love spring and summer. I should probably just start saying, I love all of the seasons except winter....more

Is Your Lack of Reading Affecting Your Success?


What I’ve Read Lately: January – August

Over on the old blog, I tried to keep up with monthly book updates. Let’s just say after about March, they no longer happened. The goal, eventually, is to have monthly book updates. But for now, below are my favorite reads from this year so far. If you’re ever curious about what I’m reading, check out the Books Read – 2015 list. I track everything I read there.Without further ado, my top books from January – August, 2015...more