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Books lead to snuggling

We are a family of readers. And, although my son has reached an age in which he usually wants to read by himself at night, he does sometimes ask that I read to him. And I am always happy to oblige....more

Desiree Lee Hosts First Ever Microsoft Authors In Business Book Signing

Atlanta, GA. -- on November 5th 2016 Best-Selling Author and Business Owner Desiree Lee hosted the first ever "Authors In Business Microsoft Book Signing" at Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall.The event featured 15 Dynamic Authors from the around the country who are apart of the “Authors In Business Self-Publishing Community".   ...more

Day 3: How Many Books Have You Read This Year?

I Love reading. I can't be called a prolific reader - definitely not after I found some people on Twitter who have already finished 200 books this year! Having been a literature student for 5 years, I have had my fill of Shakespeare and Shelley, Dante and Dickens. I have also loved reading my share of awesome fiction like Gone with the wind and Shantaram. Or non-fiction books like Emotional Intelligence by Goleman or the Malcolm Gladwell books. Such books give a unique insight into the working of human mind and I find them quite insightful....more

Enough with the Half-Naked Men, Already! Readers Want Diversity in Their Books…and Their Covers.

  When perusing the Romance section on Kindle, you’d think that a cover with a half-naked man, glistening in a sheen of sexy sweat, would definitely be the one to catch your eye. Who doesn’t love a tasty morsel of man torso? But what if all the covers had shirtless, rippling muscles? How do you choose? How does a single cover stand out to you?...more

Burned by Books

I lead a very busy life that involves a fairly lengthy commute to my job. To minimize the chances of me getting out of my car and assaulting another motorist (no really, my commute is that bad) I picked up the habit of listening to podcasts and audiobooks. The podcasts have been overall pretty engaging, but sometimes I just don’t feel like hearing people talk to each other. It’s at those moments I turn to audiobooks and, thanks to my local library, I have access to tons of them via Hoopla Digital or Overdrive. ...more

Wild - Cheryl Strayed

Read more at Let's Taco Bout It Blog...more

Wild - Cheryl Strayed

Read more at Let's Taco Bout It Blog...more

Abigail Padgett and Her Bipolar Heroine

In 1994, writer Abigail Padgett published Child of Silence, the first in a series of mysteries featuring Bo Bradley, a child protection advocacy investigator – who just happens to have bipolar disorder (or manic depression, as it was more commonly called back then). The series continued through four more books – Strawgirl, Turtle Baby, Moonbird Boy, and The Dollmaker's Daughter. (All are still available as ebooks.)...more