Yesterday, I discovered exercise was the best medicine for my nervous jumping heart.  I was grateful for the loud music next door that pushed me onto my bike.  It was nice my SO (Significant Other) accompanied me....more
marisab Yes, I cry every time I watch The Joy Luck Club, too.  And so does my partner! :-)more

"Pesto, Geese, Books: Friday Wrap-Up"

I harvested the largest crop of basil, so far, earlier this week. So of course I had to make pesto. It was delicious!...more

Embracing Melissa McCarthy

As I’ve been doing press for my book, Finding Mr.Righteous, a frequent question I get is “Who will play you in the movie?”...more
brodigan Wear it proud!more

Where Have All the Bees Gone?

I forgot to share our dressed up garbage truck this past Tuesday, Canada Day. I've never seen a flag draped across one before.Kai wants to know, what the heck happened to all of the bees?...more

summer reading

I was a huge reader when I was a kid but I typically read books of the non-literature variety. Think Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps, etc. I finally started reading "real" books when I was in high school and college. For fun! Now I do a mix of classics, non fiction and new fiction. So here's what I've been reading lately....more

Another Book Signing in Chicago

 Book Signing and Talk about Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in ChildhoodOn Sunday, July 20th at Grace Episcopal Church, Oak Park IL at 4PM, author Barbara Hughes will give a slide show and talk about her book about child sexual abuse. This program is recommended for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse and for those who work with abuse survivors. It may also be helpful for those concerned with this topic. The program is not for children. For more information...more

The Joys of Joining a Book Club

Millions of people love to read – and, for the most part, it’s a solitary activity.  Reading is relaxing, it’s educational and you can do it almost anywhere (even while exercising on a treadmill — see my previous blog post)....more

Celebrate Summer with Great Books

It’s officially summer!  For me, that means spending any available leisure time with a good book by a pool or body of water.  Here are some of the books on my summer reading list.I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb...more
LisaDeP thanks, Lisa!! Xomore

Another Book Signing and Talk in PA today.

Today I met with the staff of an organization that helps survivors of sexual abuse and educates the public. I read some poems, showed the paintings and gave a talk from my book Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood (  I talked about how you heal from child sexual abuse. It was well recieved and I may do more work for their organization in the future. Doing this kind of thing is so rewarding for me. I want to give back the healing I have been given.  More book signings coming up this summer....more