7 Best Books for Breakups

Maybe you just broke up with someone…or they broke up with you. Maybe you just want to help a friend. No matter what the situation, books are always a tangible way of knowing you’re not truly alone. “We read to know we’re not alone. We read because we are alone. We read and we are not alone.”—The Storied Life of AJ Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin1. Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill...more

A Wedding Without Cake? I Think Not!

Who here loves cake? I know I do, and I certainly believe weddings deserve cakes....more

5 October Christmas Mystery Releases

I've got some great mystery selections to stock your TBR for Christmas. Click the links to read more about each one on their Goodreads pages. These all release in October and center around murders....more

I'm starting a new company - any suggestions?

Hi, my name is Annie L Watts and I have started a new publishing company and named it ALW Publishing. I have learned to publish books but now the hard part, marketing and selling the books. Do you have any suggestions for me?Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALWPublishing...more

Fall Break Book List

Fall Break is a beautiful thing for teachers. Don't get me wrong, I looooooove my kiddos (obviously), but after 9 weeks of meetings and planning and more meetings and projects and more meetings, I was not going to argue with a whole week off! Woohoo! And when we go back Monday, it'll be the countdown to Thanksgiving! (Where is the year going?!)I decided to make good use of my break and spend my days lazily reading in my bed, on my couch, in the coffee shop, and even outside in the superb fall weather! Here's what I picked to fill my Fall Break:...more

Literary Love Connection: Friend-Zoned

Welcome, Bookworms!I’m putting on my very best Chuck Woolery voice today so I can announce the newest feature here on Words for Worms. I’m going to start playing matchmaker with literary characters in a little game I’m calling Literary Love Connection. The concept is simple. Choose literary characters. Send them on a fake date. Watch sparks fly. Will we make a love connection?!...more

115 Book Bloggers You Need to Start Following Right Now

I usually do most of my bookish interactions on Twitter, but I recently realized -- gasp -- I wasn't following a lot of my Twitter friends' blogs! I knew I needed to update my blogroll, but I also knew it would be a very time-consuming task. After going through 600+ accounts that I follow on my personal Twitter account (@writerrhiannon), I did a massive update to my personal blogroll. I then went through those blogs and made a list (with links) of (current / active) book bloggers that I love. Now I'm sharing with you! ...more
Amazing list! And if you're into mysteries and thrillers, please check out my thriller-focused ...more

Top Ten Weirdest Reasons Books Are Challenged

Howdy Howdy Howdy, Bookworms!It’s Banned Books Week still and I thought it might be fun to look at some weird-ass reasons books have been challenged and/or banned. The most common complaints about books are the holy trinity: sex, drugs, and naughty language. Those are the ones you expect to see, you know? Luckily for our reading enjoyment, there are some more entertaining problems that have caused folks to get their knickers in a twist over books. Check these out....more