Why Are YA Dystopias So Popular?

Dystopias – the opposite of utopias – come in a variety of styles and genres to meet the trends. For a while, science fiction post-apocalyptic dystopias such as A Canticle for Leibowitz (Walter M. Miller) and Mad Max movies were popular. Feminist dystopias, the most famous of which is The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood), have had continuing appeal....more

Getting back to a few good books

There is something odd about my life right now. My BFF at work asked me what I was reading these days, and after thinking about it for a few moments, I had to respond with "nothing."...more

Harry Potter and the 34 Year Old Fan

There’s a new Harry Potter book!  There’s a new Harry Potter book!  There’s a new Harry Potter book!!!!!!Okay, I have to catch my breath because just thinking about jumping up and down and yelling that at the top of my lungs has me winded.  For real.  I am after all, significantly older than I was the last time I donned my robes, drew a lightning bolt on my forehead, and stood in line at midnight to pick up the book so that I could race home to start reading* it. ...more

Why Veronica Scott Wrote HOSTAGE TO THE STARS

Thanks for having me as your guest! I love explaining the behind the scenes of my new books here on your blog....more

#LegallyBlonde15: 15 Ways We're All Elle Woods

Fifteen years ago, Legally Blonde was released and I was told by every single person I'd ever met that I had to see it.  Relax, people. I'm in the middle of an internship. I don't have time to go to the movies. ...more

My Evolution From Lifelong Mystery Fan to Author

I grew up reading mysteries. I still remember a book of short mystery stories for children. One was set at a circus and involved a missing snake. After looking in baskets and anywhere a coiled snake might be, the children notice that an acrobat's pole falls to the ground with a dull thud instead of a metallic clang. Suddenly they realize that the missing snake is stretched out full-length inside the pole! Ta-da! ...more
What a wonderful journey! I love a good mystery. Good luck with your book :)more

How to Manage Your 'To Be Read' Book Pile

Things can get stressful when your To Be Read (TBR) book pile starts to block out the light from the window or makes your electronic reader start to smoke. This can lead to what we in the trade call TBR Book Pile Stress. TBR Book Pile Stress can cause all sorts of issues:...more