What made you stop reading?

My son and I are at the bookstore. He is super excited. He has been dragged around on chores with me all day: Car wash, food shopping, photo pickup, department stores and several other places. As a reward for his super helpful behavior, I told him that I would purchase him the book we are missing from his Magic Tree House series. At the bookstore counter, he proceeds to tell the check out clerk:...more

INTERVIEW: Nicole Blades On Writing 'The Thunder Beneath Us'

Are the events of our past forever fault lines in our future?  In Nicole Blades' new book, The Thunder Beneath Us (Kensington, Fall 2016),  she chronicles the life of Best Lightburn, a young woman with a charmed life who harbors a painful past that she has tried to deny. ...more

Casting Books I Love: Thought I Knew You by Kate Moretti

Sometimes, when I look at the television guide and see that there is an entire day of Dateline: Real Life Mysteries lined up on Investigation Discovery or OWN, I’m ecstatic.Then, I flip through each of the episode descriptions. Saw that one. It was the husband. Saw that one. It was the wife. Saw that one. It was husband. Saw that one. It was the wife’s boyfriend. Damn. Oh well.So, when I read the first line of Thought I Knew You, I was hooked: “Greg and Cody disappeared on the same day.”...more

I Heart the Library

A library is a museum of books; a shrine to literature. It is more accessible than a museum and always free to enter. It is far less elitist the a museum: a poorly written book could exist on the shelf next to best-seller. Obviously the greatest aspect of the library: borrow books (up to 50 at a time!), enjoy them at your leisure (in the bathroom, on the beach), fold the pages without penalty (do not recommend!) and return it in a timely fashion....more

Kelley Armstrong's Omens

Let me just say again the Kelley Armstrong is always in the forefront of my favorite authors of all-times.  She sealed me in with the witty and imaginative Women of the Otherworld Series, and then proceeded to show off her prowess with the Crime based Nadia Stafford series (which is finally about to get the 3rd book released this November!  She truly showed her unwavering skills as an author and her versatility to be able to jump between characters and genres and then I read her young teen novel Loki's Wolves which ...more

Casting Books I Love: The Thing Is by Kathleen Gerard

If you really love a book, you get to the end, to that part where it all comes together in a twist you never expected but that’s so delightfully satisfying, and you scream to yourself “Yes! I love it!” and maybe do that little kicking thing with your foot. But, at the same time, you don’t want it to end because you don’t want to be separated from these characters you’ve grown to love and you don’t want to leave this world you’ve been inhabiting.  You bring your foot down and maybe sigh....more

The Joy of Reading

Anyone who knows me, knows one of my great loves is reading.  I am a prolific reader.  In fact,  I took a challenge one year to write down every book that I read during the year, and I averaged more than one book a week.  So the question that comes up in conversation is "How do you find the time to read?" ...more

8 Great Books To Read In 2016

  "A room without books is like a body without a soul." ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero...more