How You Can Support Women in the Military

I am a big supporter of the military and veterans.  Not just because I love my country and I’m grateful to them for securing our freedom, but also because several members of my family have served, including my mom, dad and stepdad.  There are several worthy organizations that support veterans, active duty members and military families.  Since BlogHer is a community of fantastic women, I thought I’d write an article highlighting what we can do for women in the military, including a special project I’m doing in July....more

Kids Want To Know Why

Summer Reading List

What are you reading this summer? Here are a few things I've read & loved, am currently reading, or is on my to-read list: ...more

Summer 2015 Reading List

Books I Read In May

new bog

hey everyone i've just started up a blog of my own. when i say just started i meant like yesterday lol. if you could have a look at let me know what you think that would be great :)   ...more

7 Must Reads for Busy Moms

Let’s face it, I’m an avid reader. There’s nothing better than settling into my favorite chair with a good book.  However, times get busy and I don’t always read as much as I’d like. The titles listed below have made a profound impact on my life and perspective. From learning how to give my best yes in the demanding life I live to taking the time to enjoy those gathered around the table in fellowship…these books have much to offer.  My prayer is they move and shape your heart amidst the demands and schedules of the busy, working mom....more

The Astronaut Wives Club- Book Review

Hi there!  I'm back with a quick book review.   Hubby said it looks like the wives are standing around a Tide bottle.  Ha ha...  I absolutely loved Lily Koppel's book The Astronaut Wives Club.  In the book Lily Koppel chronicles the unique experience of being an astronaut's wife.  The stories are in many ways typical of the times though.   The ladies felt pressure to conform to the ideal 1950's housewife- always looking her best, being supportive of her husband (regardless of his behavior), keeping a clean home, and  raising respectful and well behaved children.  But in other ways the wives were held to an even higher standard.  They were living on their husbands military wages so while their husbands spend time away at NASA or Cape Canaveral they were expected to live this perfect life without hired help.  And then they were launched into their own orbit of press interviews and publicity tours.  As women often do they turned to each other for support (from choosing the perfect lipstick color for their first Life magazine cover to dealing with the "Cape cookies") but it wasn't until much later at their reunions that they are completely honest about their experiences.  The wives were expected to be a bit formal during the hard times even with each other. ...more

Talk show interview on my book about sexual abuse

I was interviewed recently on an online talk show sponsored by Stop the Silence, an organization to help prevent childhood sexual abuse. The interview was about my book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood ( I read poetry about my abuse experiences and also about how I healed, both of which are in my book. I continue to look for opportunities to spread the word about sexual abuse and healing. Healing is possible with good help and perseverance. It took time for me, but the life I lead now is very precious....more

Summer Essentials: SPF and These Fantastic Books

One of my favorite columns to write is my annual summer reading list.  This summer I decided to ask the authors on my reading list what book they would recommend.  I assured them that they shouldn’t feel like they should mention my book, Finding Mr. Righteous, because I would include it on the list.   I assume they all sighed with relief.On to the rest of the list…...more