History for children done right

Hatshetsup's mortuary temple, one of the world's finest buildingsYou'll agree it's not every 6-year-old who can recognize Hatshepsut as the ancient Egyptian queen who pretended to be a boy (not particularly successfully, but still) so she could rule her kingdom....more

Go Read a Watchman?

Denise I understand, I was very apprehensive also.  I didn't want it to tarnish To Kill a ...more

The slow death of my previous reading habits

[Breathes deeply]There are a number of ways one can sink into despair when one is busy with the business of small children. Especially when one is also homeschooling them. And running a business....more

And since we're into book lists...

Here is my husband's list of 100 books everyone should read. It's an old list, from 1999, but it's still very relevant today. And no, I haven't read most of them. But I'm working on it! One day, one day......more

Read & Shelved | June Edition

This summer seems to be flying by all too quickly for me. I sat down to write this morning and realized that it's nearly the middle of July and I've yet to share my June reads with you. Has Summer been speeding by for you as well? If you've been following along for a while now you might remember that I made the lofty goal for myself of reading 33 books this year. With the help of Goodreads for inspiration and tracking I've managed to read 19 so far!...more

How You Can Support Women in the Military

I am a big supporter of the military and veterans.  Not just because I love my country and I’m grateful to them for securing our freedom, but also because several members of my family have served, including my mom, dad and stepdad.  There are several worthy organizations that support veterans, active duty members and military families.  Since BlogHer is a community of fantastic women, I thought I’d write an article highlighting what we can do for women in the military, including a special project I’m doing in July....more

Summer Reading List

What are you reading this summer? Here are a few things I've read & loved, am currently reading, or is on my to-read list: ...more