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When I saw that above Book Store I thought, Heaven!!  I would be in heaven.  I would just love to rummage through a store like that.  Would you?

I know, with Kindles and Nooks are those stores not needed? Book Stores I mean!  Do we really not want to change a page with our fingers anymore?  Do you really get the same feeling sliding the page or moving the mouse?  I can only ask those of you who do it.

I mean I read online but I don’t read novels.  And, I admit to not keeping novels.  Why?  Because I don’t re-read them like I watch a movie over and over again.

But, what books do I hoard?  What books do I love to look at over and over again?

I love the Time books!! They are chock full of facts!  Remember I was a Social Studies Teacher!!

Do you remember Encyclopedias?  No, Well, they were these books filled with facts and they came according to the alphabet.  Then, at the end of the year you would get a yearly,updated volume.  My mom had the entire set and she would get the yearly volumes.  They were green and white.  I hated dusting them.  Oh, and she would makes us pull each,freaking book off the shelves and dust.  No, just dusting in front,or a quick lift.  No,siree,have to lift them off the shelf,completely.  Dust the shelf and put them back AFTER dusting the books too.  MY MOTHER, talk about OCD.

Anyway,TIME has the Year End books!!! Guess who loves them?

Now, I do favor Time Books but I have to admit I am a sucker to the style,not necessarily the Name of Time.  Meaning other publishing companies do the same.  Facts with a lot of photos.  That is what it is all about. Facts and Shiny photos!!

Yes, you will see, I am not picky,either.  The range goes from history to sports to good old Soap Opera, GENERAL HOSPITAL, of course.

I will admit, history and Time are my favorites!!

Although, look at that American Legends one?  Good old Marilyn Monroe makes the cover!! Interesting don’t you think?

Like I said, I get the idea of Kindle and Nooks.  It saves on paper and lugging books around.  But, I am not sure I can give up books totally.

These photos say a lot and there is something about seeing them in print that does something for you!

Time captured Elizabeth Eckford attempting to enter Little Rock Central High School (in Arkansas) in 1957!


Rosa Parks riding the bus and sitting wherever she wanted after her arrest for protesting being forced to sit in the back of the bus!

Of course, my General Hospital Book, is for Fun, total absolute Fun!!

See the little girl and mom in the photo?  They are still on General Hospital BUT, the little girl, she is an adult, married with her own little girl (her character on the show), making the mom a Grandma (on the show)!!  I remember when the little girl, Robin, debuted.  Oh, that makes me feel so darn old.  Oh, and the father,he pops on every once in a while too.

Anyway, books.  I still love to hold a book in my hand.  Do you?  Or have you gone totally digital?  Oh, and last but not least, I am a kid at heart, I love my Time and  ‘Time-like’ books because of those awesome photos.  Photos are great!!  What about you?  Do You get dragged in by a splashy photo?

The photo above, a Time reporter caught the execution of a man believed to be a suspected Vietcong guerrilla,on the open street in Vietnam in 1968.  United States citizens were stunned.  Something we can’t comprehend.  This was all right around the time of The Tet Offensive.  These photos are teaching tools.


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