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I thought I'd try to remember what books I've read that have had an impact on how I parent and how I educate my kids.  This will be from Memory so I'll probably mess up some names, won't even try for authors, and am surely going to forget some.

How to Talk so Children Will LIsten - This was a huge impact for me. The basic lesson is that while a parent (or teacher) should give children advice on how to live and how to behave, the lesson loses all its credibility and impact when you stray into telling kids how they should feel. At some level, most kids know how they feel and that its nonsense for someone lese to try to dictate it. So Don't!

Coloring Outside the Lines - A book that I only read a bit of but the introduction dealt with how silly parents and teachers can sound.

Different Kinds of Minds by Mel Levine. Mel is an advocate of multiple intelligences (Gardner-type thinking) who turned out, as a therapist, to have behaved badly so he is a little discredited. Nevertheless, his central ideas had a huge impact on me. Avoid stereotyping including labelling kids with broad scary types of labels (dyslexic, adhd etc). Instead, help kids understand how their specific situation (mind) works and how they should compensate or make special efforts. Specific and focused.  And teach as if there are a range of learning modalities that should be evoked at every step.

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee. Nornalcy and being in the middle of the curve is fine. Don't forget that parents show leadership and they manage.

Odd Girl by Rachel Simmons.  Girls can be wicked to each other in significant ways. Childhood traumas and friendships are real significant live events. There are dark secrets in childhood which are hiding in plain view.

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