Books from English Classes Past

Confession time: I wasn't an English major.  And now I am launching myself into the world of professional book reviewing and journalism.

I majored in anthropology, for many of the same reasons I am a voracious reader.  I love a good story.  And I am curious about stories that point me towards a world vastly different from my own.  I love historical fiction and speculative fiction for the same reason: they tell a good, compelling story, grounded in a world that is far from my own commonplace.  And I love the books that are seemingly close to my own experience, of being a girl and a woman, of living in a major city, of making my way in the world.  Because the emotions, or the humor, the mistakes and pratfalls, might be close to what I know, but the details are often fascinatingly dissimilar.

I loved reading ethnographies that explored different cultures rituals' and beliefs.  I loved also reading sociological and anthropological views of my own culture, examining and analyzing things I might otherwise take for granted.

 All this is to say- there are some of the classics I haven't read.  And some others I haven't read since high school or early college.  I wonder if I would relate to them differently, now.  And I want a community setting to help me work through a few of them- to help focus my thinking and hear what others might be thinking.  Like the best parts of an English 201 class- without the midterm exam!

I'm a book reviewer because I'm making a commitment to be a better reader and a better writer.  And because I'm curious about the new books out there.  But I'm increasingly aware that I need both a broad appreciation for an engrossing, detailed story, and better honing of my sense of literary context.  Grad school may be on the horizon.  Someday. 


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