Books I Want My Children To Remember

The Children of Green Knowe Chronicles  by L.M. Boston

More people should know of these books.  Films should be made of them.

{There is one, starring the incomparable Maggie Smith:  From Time to Time.  I’ve never seen it but would love to, if only to see Ms. Smith in action!  I believe the screenplay was written by Julian Fellowes, the same mind behind the very successful Downton Abbey}.

People should queue up round the world to purchase the books and to see the films. 

We should be curling up with our children and a cuppa around the fire of an evening to read Green Knowe (pronounced “Noah”), aloud.  To fill our homes with magical words of times past and present, of wonder and mystery, of the mystical unknown which, just perhaps, lingers at the edge of our world; there for anyone, with the eyes to see, to notice and marvel upon.



Green Knowe is a series of tales centering around the house of Green Knowe; a huge manor house dating from the Norse Conquest and standing still in the English Countryside, surrounded by gardens, fields, forests, and perhaps even an ancient (and but of course, magical) stone or two. 

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