Books that ruin it for everyone else: I need a book!

Does that ever happen to you? You read a book that pulls you in so fully that it leaves other books feeling shrug-worthy? Oh, how nice. A book. Meh.

In 2011, it was the The Night Circus.


In 2012 it was Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Days of Blood and Starlight.



Here's the thing about those books. I read the first in the series and enjoyed it immensely. Six months later, I read the second book. Usually, I don't like second books. Not this time. I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I went back, re-read the first book, re-read the second book (we're talking staying up until 3 am because it's just that good reading). This was at the end of December/ first part of January. According to Goodreads I've read exactly one book in 2013. ONE! And it was terrible!

I have Oryx and Crake but have yet to open it.

I tried reading A Visit From the Goon Squad but I disliked the main character so much after the first chapter that I put it down.

Notorious Nineteen was available from my library queue but the last four Stephanie Plum books have irritated me to such a degree that I never picked it up.

The kids' librarian at at school gave me this to read:


It's good. Hell, the first three pages knocked my socks off. But now I'm halfway through and out of steam.

I need a palate cleanser. Something light and fluffy and super easy to read. So, tell me, what are your favorite fun reads? I feel so lost without a book. Help!

Update: After The Night Circus, this series was exactly what I needed. In spite of the embarrassing covers (the world needs to think I'm a sophsiticated reader thankyouverymuch) they're actually engaging, sweet, fun reads. Guess what? There's a fourth that I haven't read...yet. It's waiting for me in my Kindle app as I type. Woo!


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