I was in the mood to experiment with a few colors of Wilton's dye I hadn't used before, teal and purple.  For the teal, I basically followed my normal dyeing method, except that I didn't soak the yarn first and only used 1 tablespoon of vinegar (my new normal) and about 4 squeezes of this squeezy dye bottle.  I am so, so happy with the colors that I got.

For the purple, I followed my Red #3 dyeing method, again with about 4 squeezes of the squeezy dye bottle.  This was a little trickier than the Red #3 dyeing I've done before.  As I've explained, to avoid "crocking," you can't add too much acid to Red #3 too quickly -- instead of binding with the yarn, the red dye will sit on the outside, hardening and becoming powdery.  Blue dye, on the other hand, needs lots of acid to set quickly.  As in the teal yarn, blue wants the acid added right away or you'll be heating forever.  I wasn't exactly sure how to tackle these competing demands, but I decided that a slower process was more desirable than ruined, powdery yarn, so I followed my Red #3 method.  The result?

Some gorgeous purple yarn and a pretty bad explosion somewhere around minute 90 of the microwaving process.  Even though I left a lot of time in between heating cycles, the dye bath just got too hot while it was waiting to soak up all of the blue dye, and it ended up exploding badly enough to knock over the mason jar I was using to dye, causing the water to spill out with enough force to open my microwave door.  Since I was standing inches away cooking dinner, I was a bit surprised.  Luckily, nothing got into the food and there was no damage to person or property, but next time I'll add some more acid once all of the red dye has been exhausted.  There wasn't much blue dye left in the bath, so my purple ended up really nicely colored and colorfast.  I wouldn't recommend my exact methodology, but I can't take issues with the results.
To do tonight: either duplicate stitching on the stocking or starting baby's carrot cocoon, depending on which seems shinier and more fun.  I'm guessing it will be the cocoon!


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