Boost Your Mood & Plan Your Attack for BlogHer '13 with These Great Posts

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Just one day away from our pre-conference days (HealthMinder Day, Pathfinder Day, Viewfinder Day) and two days out from our annual conference, BlogHer '13, the blogosphere is abuzz with information, advice, questions and posts galore. As I said in my previous roundup, we're always reading your posts. Today we're bringing you some unique bits of advice to help boost your mood, plan your attack and generally get you in the mood to get your conference on.

First, check out the post that Julie Ross Godar shared on Monday, as it contains a number of great posts and important links you need to make your conference great. Then, read Alexandra's amazing post from yesterday which totally answers some tricky questions. Now let's get to it.

If you're questioning whether all the money you are spending in airfare, hotel, tickets, and so on will be worth it in the end, Rebecca's post at Playground Confidential is where you need to start today. She shares some normal fears, but looks back to New York City three years ago for what to do this year.

    When I attended BlogHer in New York city three years ago I was blown away by how much fun I had and how many valuable contacts I made. The assignments I have gotten through contacts made on that trip have paid my expenses many times over. The personal and professional relationships I have developed since that conference are invaluable.

    So, yes, if anyone was wondering if it’s possible: You can turn a massive conference into professional windfall. And I was a relative nobody, a mere blip in the blogosphere, going into that conference.

Jessica Gottlieb then shares a fabulous bunch of tips on how to turn your conference experience into one big, productive, actual business trip. Put down the wine glass and read her helpful post.

    2. You don’t know everything. You’re going to BlogHer to learn so get busy learning. I never want to be a review blogger. I find what they do to be exhausting however review bloggers know a lot about SEO and working with brands. Why wouldn’t I listen to them? Are you a mom blogger? Meet someone whose womb hasn’t gone pro, listen to what they’re doing. We get tunnel vision and BlogHer is a great place to broaden your depth of field. Find someone who you think has nothing to teach you and have your mind blown when they teach you things."

Boost Your Mood & Plan Your Attack for BlogHer '13

MommyReporter is getting her focus on at the conference, letting go of some of the other "stuff" that comes with conferencing.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love free stuff too, but there gets to be a point where you have to decide what’s really important: a bunch of stuff? Or taking advantage of the opportunity to build my brand and my business. Granted, some bloggers may not be at that level yet, and that’s okay. But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this and when it comes to this conference, I’ve got my priorities pretty clear: Build relationships with brands I want to work with, build a better blog, and learn more about building a successful online business. There I said it.

Lastly, if you're feeling a little cynical about the conference, a little whiny, a little prone to point out everything that goes wrong or might go wrong or could go wrong if the cows come home wearing capes, you absolutely need to read Megan's post at Velveteen Mind. I believe that your conference experience is made or broken in the depths of your own mind; your perspective and attitude color and shape how you feel, how you interact with others.

    I don't thrash around and gnash teeth, all while adjusting the spotlight. I see what you see. I don't complain. What's the point? Unless it is truly worth it, I don't waste my energy.

    Why not? Usually because I think through the entire process. I form the complaint in my head, the most effective way to voice it, I imagine the responses from those willing to listen, I walk through who might agree or disagree and how. Best case scenario, I picture action taken to rectify whatever slight I perceive. And then I wait.

Of course, don't forget to join her at The People's Party which happens tomorrow night. Will we see you there with your happy, ready-to-do-business face on?

We will continue following everything you write, in your own spaces and via the #BlogHer13 hashtag on twitter. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will work to bring you the Day in Tweets from our events -- panels, meals, keynotes, discussions, and yes, parties. Don't hesitate to reach out to an Events team member if you have a question or one of our amazing mentors! We're so looking forward to helping you make this your best conference ever.


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