Boost Your Productivity-5 Unconventional Tips

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Fun article on unconventional ways you can be more productive. If you've tried to be productive but keep failing or experience the start/stop/start/stop to getting things done this article will help. With his signature smartass approach, Avish presents ways to break the mold of your same-old productivity tips that never quite seem to fit.

You know the tips: set goals, shut off distractions, focus on your most important stuff first, plan your day, visualize, set goals, etc. Heck, I’m sure I’ve written posts on some of these topics.

The standard advice is great and works for most, but what if you have read it all, tried it all, but could never get it to work for you?

This is the boat I was in. I knew a ton of “productivity techniques,” but found it difficult to supercharge my productivity.

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Credit Image: Julian Limjl via Flickr

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