Boot Camp is kicking my booty!

I can’t believe how out of shape I am. That’s the second thing I thought after my first FitWit boot camp workout (I was out of breath after just the warm up). The first thing I thought was, “Are you friggin’ kidding me??! You want me to do what???!!!” I mean... "Sure I’ll do 100 pushups and 100 burpees. No problem. Yep, go ahead and time me, too. "

I used to be in great shape – climbing stairs at stadiums, going rock climbing in the mountains, and lifting all kinds of weights. Best of all, I had a strong core which helped me better cope with a back injury. Now my back is weak and uhhh… so am I.

Wow. How could I let this happen? It seems to have crept up on me over the past three years. In that time, I’ve moved across the country twice – from Kansas to Washington State to Ohio. And it was hard to get back into a challenging workout routine like I used to have for so long. Oh, and I got hitched. That’s gotta have something to do with it, right? That's why both my husband and I are in this boot camp thing together.

It’s not that I ever stopped exercising… I just stopped pushing myself. But FitWit is all about pushing yourself, which is just what I need. Classes have everything from exercises with medicine balls, kettle bells and body bars to running, jumping, and crawling… to sit ups, push ups, and squats. There are 24 workouts in all – one hour each, four times a week, for six weeks.

Here in Columbus, we have FitWit personal trainers Chad Welday and Joel Baker to crack the whip… err... guide us.

“We try to make our classes difficult enough to challenge and beat even the most fit individuals,” explains Welday. “However we have designed this program to teach to any fitness level.  In our current class we have individuals training to run in the Chicago Marathon as well as campers who are as much as fifty pounds over weight.  Most anyone can excel in our camps regardless of what their individual starting point is as long as they are willing to work hard.”

And the changes campers should see - if we give it our all - include increased strength, body fat loss, improved flexibility, increased metabolism, toned muscles, increased energy, less aches and pains, and increased motivation. Nice!

The cool thing is every class is something different, so you never know what to expect... except of course that you’ll get your booty kicked in an intense workout. I wear a heart rate monitor to every class and I’ve been burning about 600 calories each workout. Not bad, eh?

And in the end, what do our fearless leaders want for us campers?

“More than anything else we would like our campers to feel a sense of accomplishment,” says Welday. “We expect our members to leave our six week program more confident, more motivated, more committed, and most importantly healthier.”

We’re just starting week 3 now. I will have more posts (and videos!) as the boot camp continues and of course, let you all know how much I improved when it’s all over.

You can find out much more about FitWit fitness boot camps right here.

Anyone else out there gone through a boot camp? Anyone else had a change in your life get you off-track of your workout routine? Do share!


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