Borderline Personality Disorder In Teens is Not For Sissies

A Cry For Help

My beautiful, poised, creative, and highly intelligent child came to me in middle school confessing that she needed help as she was cutting herself.  I contacted a psychiatrist that night and began an 8 year odyssey of getting her in to see the best therapists possible.  I worked every connection to find the most competent professionals in the field calling local universities, wealthy friends with philanthropic hooks, and the cousin twice removed of the friend of a bridesmaid in another friend's wedding to get beyond each therapist's waiting list.  My daughter disliked them all at some point; at first meeting, after a few weeks, and some lasted almost a year. 

Jeepers! Its Borderline Personality Disorder

I finally figured out that she had Borderline Personality Disorder after she spent a three day stint in the youth mental health ward at a local hospital.  The doctor who saw her twice for 5 minutes each time tried to convince me that she was Bipolar.  This same doctor would not discuss it with me as I protested that her screaming fits were regular, daily even, and not periodic.  She was not up and down or happy and sad nor even depressed and euphoric.  She was angry and emotionally volatile always.  So I read up on bipolar trying to give the doctor her due and at the bottom of an article on bipolar disorder, I found the answer.  Her emotional volatility and the related fallout were clearly defined by Borderline Personality Disorder.

Therapy Is  Good  for Therapists

Though I had not recognized the syndrome in her, I knew several people whose spouse had been classified with the disorder.  And I knew from experience that it was regarded as a bad diagnosis because it is believed to not be very treatable.  Since none of the years of therapy, numerous appointments, and various medications helped during the sustained verbal and phyiscal turmoil in my home, I almost lost hope.  I now feel that progress can be made but you have to do it yourself.  You wouldn't leave your toddler in a neglectful preschool.  Similarly, you can not leave your child in the winds of the mental health field to be blown about with a pat on the back while making no progress toward stability.