Borderline Personality Disorder In Teens : Is it really a Disorder?

Its a Trait, Not A Disorder

There are so many good things that are concurrent with this disorder and this disorder is so common, I can not imagine that God made a mistake.  People have biases.  Some people are co-dependent, relying on affirmation from others to feel good - they make great nurses.  Some people avoid risk and prefer to follow directions.  Some people are narcissistic; while not always right they like to get their way and can move an idea forward -- sometimes founding companies.  Some folks have Ausbergers Syndrome; they are super nerdy and can do great things in technology or researching statistics.  The point is, if everyone was super giving, or a follower, or a leader the planet would be a disaster.  We need all types.  

Borderline Personality in the Hunter Gather Period

People with Borderline Personality Trait are the ones that would tell the tribe that the food sources were low and the whole village needs to move.  And they would be the one to insist that Grandma can't make the trip but we're going anyway while insisting that no one is helping despite legions of folks packing the camels and cooking pots.  They get things cracking in their quest for immediate satisfaction.  And maybe the village elder would step in and coerce the offender into saying the same things a little more gently, without slamming the tent flap.

A Dingo is My Baby

The task for us is to figure out how to endorse and support the good qualities while encouraging the one with Borderline Personality Trait not to chew off the arm of their dinner companion.


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