Boring blogging places

Today's prompt is about my favorite place to write my blog. I write in my office, at my desk, on my laptop. Sometimes when I am in the world, and I get a blogging idea, I put it in the "notes" app on my iPhone. It rarely happens though. I am a spontaneous blogger. Or I am a blogger by assignment. I could absolutely write every day. When I do the NaBloPoMo thing-a-ma-jigs, I Do write daily. When I don't, I CAN write every day but sometimes do not.

I dream about writing a book. But I have no idea how to go about this. I started blogging after I broke my neck. I have always written stuff though. Letters. Tributes. etc....

My blogging was usually about my life as a parent. Occasionally I would delve into my own personal, historical, family life. These blogs were always the most difficult to write.

I began my blog on I am linked through Networked Blogs on FB. I branched out to Blogher a few years ago and now my is accessible from many entry points. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Writing today is less therapeutic than it was originally. Today is just is. It just is what I do, in addition to being a SAHM, a wife and a woman. Writing can offer some fulfillment for me that my "career" never did. It is quite a solitary pursuit, until I post it to the world that is. I guess I should be more concerned with whether or not it is popular or how it is received but I am not. I write for me. I publish it on my social networks for my circle of family and friends to read but I do get a kick out of the possibility of other people reading it. I would be a perfect author. Rejection doesn't really factor in to how or what I write. I do not consider my writing brave. It is how I express myself. I love doing it and that is the beginning and the end for me. I think one day I will write a book. My life has been full. I could focus my book on my upbringing..."scary novel". I could focus on my 35 years of Rheumatoid Arthritis..."medical mystery". I could focus on my parenting and the path to it and the aftermath of it..."epic novel". Or I could just combine it all into my auto biography. But who wants to read that? I am not famous and most of my "fan base" knows that story. Oh well, who knows??? For now, I am just a blogger who blogs for herself...and all of you....who are so kind to read my stuff.

Writing is awesome. Blogging is fun. I have no plans to stop....ever.



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