Born This Way--Messy

I come from a long line of neat-nicks, grandmother, mother, aunts and sister, are all neat by nature. My oldest daughter was born neat. Most of my friends are tidy-types. I on the other hand am not. I'm convinced one day they will find and a neat and orderly gene, where all of the strands of RNA and DNA are in nice straight and tidy lines; when they examine mine, they'll find chaotic piles.

Clutter, mess and dirt doesn't bother me. I barely notice it and when it finally registers, I begin to clean. I know the tricks to keeping tidy, clean as you go, throw out as you go and do a little bit each day. I know the rules but simply can't follow them. I've tried but they don't work for me. I've made my own rules. Clean when it bothers me or invite someone over.

I wish my sink didn't look like this all of the time

Kitchen Sink


But it does

I wish I had thought twice about buying a white sink and a grouted tile-topped counter


Yellow Sink


But I thought I could keep them clean

I wish my desk didn't look like this all of the time

Messy Desk


But it does

I wish my shelves weren't piled to the ceiling

Thankfully My Ceiling are Only 7ft High


But they are

I wish I hadn't passed my piles and clutter gene along


Daughter 2's Room


But I did

Messy Kraken



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