Boston, here I come!

Nervous & excited, excited & nervous.  I'm betting that I'm not the only one who is feeling these feelings today.  In 2 days, I'll be loading up 3 kids, 1 hub, 1 overnight bag, a handful of shiny new business cards and myself in the car and heading to my very first blogging conference! 

For someone like me, a little fish in a big sea of bloggers, it's a big step. I am excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers and twitter friends like Karen (Trollbaby) Sugarpants, Jill NotkinSarah Dopp, Audrey McClelland, Sharon Couto, and of course, Jane Porricelli.  I am excited to meet lots of new people that I will become fans of. 

To be honest, I'm excited just to have the chance to get out and be Dawn.  I'm excited to put on my Dawn the blogger, Dawn the designer, Dawn the photographer, Dawn the professional - Dawn the ... hat and get out and MEET people, make new friends, and hey - learn something!

So if you see a short(ish), wide(ish) chick with a streak of grey silver in her long brown hair, have mercy on me and come say hi!  

(Btw - kids & hub are going to be spending their day exploring nearby Lexington, Concord, etc.  Aren't we homeschoolers industrious? LOL)