Why Do People Expect Me to Apologize for the Boston Bombings?


particularly like the result resembling baked islands of Indonesia, I'm sorry about that too.

But I can't apologize for James Holmes because I too am a college graduate. I can't apologize for Columbine because I was once a school kid and also picked on for being different. And I can't apologize if the culprits turn out to be Muslim because I am a Muslim. I can't apologize for it and I can't explain it because the truth is I had nothing to do with it and because I don't know why either.

Nearly every Muslim organization in the U.S. and abroad has
come out to express both their condolences and their reiteration that
they do not support violence such as this. This is a good thing to do for any institution of faith, to express their sadness over these acts. It is also important for Muslim organizations to disavow because the question of culpability of the entire religion lingers on the minds of some. But these are different from apologies. We don't know who did it yet. But no matter who did it, the only ones apologizing should be the ones responsible, and that? Is wholeheartedly not me.

"Often times I have hated in self-defense; if I were stronger I would not have used such a weapon.” Khalil Gibran



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