Boston: North End Walking Tour

How about another walking tour?  Let’s take a quick journey to the city of Boston…

Remember, before you get started:  comfortable shoes are a must.  Boston has plenty of hilly, cobblestone streets.  I suggest you start your tour in “Little Italy”.  There are “old world” shops, restaurants, and cafes that feed the imagination.  Boston is such a popular city that it hosts many visitors all year; at times, you will have to navigate around the crowds.

Now, pick a restaurant for lunch.  Try to get a window seat so that you can people-watch as you enjoy Boston’s cuisine.  If you love shellfish, TRY THE CLAMS!  You won’t be disappointed.

After your delicious lunch, I recommend a harbor boat ride.  I know…..sounds “touristy” right?  But, believe me, you will appreciate how beautiful the city of Boston is as you sail past its backdrop.

Boston is high on my list of must-see cities!


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