Botanical Gardens candy train theme party at home!!

Create a Botanical Garden Train show at home for a fun and beautiful birthday party idea.  We set a gorgeous table complete with Limoge china and antique crystal, and Irish linens.  We then ran train tracks around the perimeter of the table and put an old fashion train on the tracks and filled the cars with candies.  Then we filled in all spaces with tons of flowers and plants.  We still had several charming soft pink poinsettias so we used them. We added Eurpean pots filled with all different flowering plants, and citrus plants that perfumed the garden/party room.  I will post some of the photos more are on my web sites and some of my mobile blogs. and flickr.

Everyone including the older children were in that room as much as they were on their xbox!!!  No matter your age there is something magical about a train that pulls us all in, makes us stop and watch the magic as it chugs merrily on its way aroung the table.  Even more so when it is filled with candies for the children to enjoy and surrounded by beautiful flowers. 

It was our version of The Botanical Gardens train showbotanical garden train themed party at home


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