To Botox or Not To Botox

I’m not exactly sure when I began to think of botox (and, by extension, fillers) but all I know is that it’s everywhere I look. Every single issue of the fashion magazines I read – both in the US and the UK – contains some sort of reference or article. It wasn’t always like this. Way back in the early noughties, plastic surgery was considered the domain of the seriously rich or the seriously crazy. Now, it’s so normal and commonplace that even some dental practices in London offer botox. (I’m not sure how wrinkles and root canals are related but there you go!)

If you had asked me at 30 whether I’d consider such “quick fixes”, my response would’ve been a smug “No, I intend to age gracefully”, without giving much thought to what this actually meant. So, I go back to the question – why do I think about it more frequently now? I can certainly rule out the rationale of looking better for my husband because he, like most men I suspect, is horrified at the idea of botox. And I believe him when he says I’m insane for contemplating it.

So, let’s move on to the other possible reason which is the glut of impossibly beautiful celebrity women on the cover of glossies who skirt around questions relating to cosmetic work in the accompanying puff pieces – I mean interviews. This is unlikely, however, as I think Madonna and even Demi Moore look beyond recognition and not in a good way. (Does anyone else find the Dolce & Gabbana ads disturbing not for their content but for the waxiness of Madonna’s face?) I don’t excessively follow celebrity news and I barely have time to go to the movies so let’s cross that off.

I guess that leaves the most obvious reason which is that I have flaws and there’s now a convenient, fairly quick way of fixing them at my disposal. Does that mean I should? Honestly, I haven’t decided and probably won’t in the near future at least. What I am sure of is that I’m not totally against the idea. If you can’t beat them, join them???

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