A Bountiful 2011

Thanksgiving's coming.  It's my very favorite holiday.  I start calorie counting on November 1 just to make room for all the goodness I'm going to absorb at Thanksgiving dinner and the week of leftovers. Yum!

This year I'm hosting a very Spinsterlicious holiday that will begin on Wednesday evening and last through the weekend with my sister and a few fabulous girlfriends. I'm looking very forward to it. 

2011 was a good year.  Here's a few of the many things I'm thankful for:



  • Another good year with Danny, the world's cutest dog.


  • Fresh Direct, my Thanksgiving partner, who makes it all possible (well, much of it).  Once I discovered them a few years ago, I've been hosting Thanksgiving dinner ever since.  They deliver a delicious, full Thanksgiving dinner.  All I gotta do is warm it up!  And my house smells amazing...like I've been cooking all day.


  • My friends.  They're great.  Good people.  Always there for me.  And they make me laugh.  


  • Oprah's Life Class.  At first it seemed corny to me, but I really like it and it always makes me think. 


  • Being let go from a job I didn't like. It's such a relief not to have to go somewhere every single day that I didn't want to be. This gave me the freedom to remember what I really should be doing, Read more: 









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