Bounty & Puffs Summer Survival

Did you know studies have shown that it can take only 35 minutes for students to make a mess of a clean classroom? Gross!  That’s why teachers trust Bounty paper towels and Puffs tissues to help keep their classroom clean and healthy throughout the school year. Want to help out your child's teacher?

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Being a mom of 3 means that I have cleaned up a lot of messes this summer. And, I mean a lot. My girls are getting more independent and wanting to do more things on their own. For instance, this summer the girls have been wanting to make their own PB & J sandwiches for lunch. It works out for me, I feed Luke his lunch while the girls make their PB&J....more

Bounty & Puffs Summer Survival

If you have children I bet you have felt like I have felt almost every day this summer...that the word child is just another word for tornado. Loud and messy, am I right! I still don't understand how such small bodies can take a perfectly clean room and turn it into a disaster area in no time flat. I am embarrassed to even show you these pictures but hey, it's life as I know it right now and if I'm not being real with you then what's the point, right!...more

Sticky, Messy, & Yucky: the stuff of everyday life

Any parent knows the sisyphian task of cleaning up after kids. It's impossible, unless you have a stand-in date with a cleaning service. Which, I have fantasies about. Given economic times, most of us don't have such luxuries. As Murphy's Law goes, as soon as you wash your floors, someone dumps a container of guacamole or green tempera paint on it....more

What a Mess!

As a stay at home mom I honestly feel as if my entire day revolves around dishes, spills, laundry, spills and more spills. Did I mention spills? OK, so its not really that bad but I think you all can relate. Let's face it. Children are messy. My three keep my on my toes at all times. ...more

Motherhood and the Joys of Cleaning Up

This week in motherhood, I cleaned up millions of Legos, numerous apple sauce lid wrappers that were stuck to the carpet, pulled out apple cores from the couch, scrubbed boogers from the wall that no one claims to have wiped there, swept up endless amount of crumbs, dirt, grass and wiped up never-ending spills. My picky husband swears by paper towels, he is so grossed out when I wash my hands in the kitchen sink and dry them on my hand towel hanging from the oven, funny guy....more