Bow Holder Tutorial

Oddly enough we have a lot of hair accessories for a baby with very little hair.  One day I’ll be able to use them all, but for now I needed a place to put them.

Needed Items -

  • A frame
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue for said hot glue gun
  • Ribbon {I used a 1” black and 3/4” pink and 1/4” for the headband holding strip}
  • Fabric {I bought what my mom the quilter would call a “fat quarter”}
  • Magnetic closure {the kind that closes purses}

I bought the ribbon, fat quarter, and magnetic closure all at Walmart.  Everything probably cost about five dollars.  The frame I picked up at Marshalls for around ten dollars.

Instructions -
Assemble all of your items together.  Wrap your fabric around the card board insert that came with your frame and drape your ribbon as a mock up.

Place the frame over top to see how it looks.

Wrap the fabric around the cardboard tightly and hot glue it into place.  Make sure you pull it tightly so that you don’t have any wrinkles.  Wrap the corners over so that it looks nice.

Glue all of your ribbon into place.  Make sure it is tight.  {I used a frame that came with an ugly picture of a tree}

Glue the board back into the frame.  I was very liberal with the glue here.

Hot glue your magnetic clasp straight onto the frame.  {it came with tongs that I hugged around the frame and filled with glue}  Then glue one end of a thin ribbon to the bottom of the opposite side that the clasp is on.  Wrap the ribbon around the tiny part of the magnetic clasp and glue into place.  I placed a ribbon bow where this is to make it less obtrusive looking.  This is an excellent place for headbands and it’s easily accessible with the magnetic closure.

Hang and enjoy!  {I did have to shorten the headband ribbon a little}

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