Boxers vs Briefs: Am I Setting My Boys Up?

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Whenever I have a tough decision before me, I usually let selfishness be my guide. Not great for my moral health, but it usually works in the short term.

Over the past few months, as my 6- and 4-year-old boys have grown closer and closer together in size, I've begun to lose track of whose underoos are whose. So, come laundry time, I find myself staring down a pair of Lego Star Wars Hanes trying to remember who it was I saw running down the neighborhood street in them last week.

It was mentally taxing, not to mention time-consuming. I needed a solution.

UnderoosI settled on only boxer briefs for the older one, regular briefs for the younger one. I went out and bought just enough boxer briefs to get the older one through a week, week and a half without me having to do laundry, and I bequeathed each of his briefs to his younger brother (who now, BTW, has about 900 pair of underoo briefs).

I was actually feeling pretty good about it, especially when both of the boys took notice and were cool with it.

But then, as I always do, I started to second-guess myself. Am I setting each of these boys up for failure? Will my little brief wearer someday blame me for a low sperm count? What about my boxer brief wearer? Will his "big boy" underwear make him grow up all that much faster?

Never thought I'd say this, but I miss diapers.

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