A Boy & Communion..Happiness and Belief in the times of such tragedy.

A little introduction to my story below…A memory of last summer that I will never forget . A perfect evening church service that my son ( 7 years old) partook in instead of going to his class. Our church does a very casual wed night service with snacks and beverages along with great contemporary worship music. We do communion on our own during worship with our families, we go up and select our bread, tare and share, dip and take the bread together and pray with our kids. The following vision is my memory of this moment and I know it will be burned into my heart forever….

The silent rays of light that beamed down on the stage hovered over the worship team as they prepared to begin the service. Glancing down to my left sat my son who was anticipating the mini concert that was about to begin. The aroma of pickled beans and fresh veggies was all around as the church members brought their early harvests to share with us. My son however passed those snacks up and took the chocolate cupcake, grapes, and olives that were apparently more appetizing to him. As soon at the drums and electric guitar started playing he stood up and was clapping his hands..he loved it. Something you must understand about Quinton, he loves hard rock and roll, anything with a good fast beat he is all but head banging. Once the worship came to a close he sat now nestled between Jeremiah and I, hands clasped on his lap, feet dangling from the chair, and looking up at me with a smile. Several minutes went by and every time I glanced down on him he never ceased to disappoint me, Jeremiah and I glanced at each other exchanging a warm smile confirming we had the same thoughts cross each of our minds. The time came where the worship team approached the stage again and I realized Quinton had not taken communion with us before. I whispered in his ear the meaning of communion and what we were going to do and he shook his head yes with a smile, he was excited to dip bread in juice. The time came where Jeremiah lead all 4 of us up to the table and we each chose just the right piece of bread, dipped it in “the juice” and walked to the side of the sanctuary where we all partook in communion arms around each other and Jeremiah prayed over us with us. After the prayer I glanced at Mckayla and she was smiling, proud of what her brother just accomplished with us. Looking over at Quinton walking back to our seat was the moment of the night I will never forget. His eyes bright with love and cheer, his smile displaying 4 dimples, and two new front teeth. My son made me the happiest mother alive last night, he understood communion and why we do it, what it symbolizes and how important it is to remember. I really cannot explain how important this was to Jeremiah and I, all I know is I hope that each one of you have experienced this feeling or will someday….


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