Boy to Man: tips for re-imagining a childhood bedroom

 So, the great move is done and over with, and Mr. Liz and I are already saving money!  We've only been here a couple of weeks and we've already noticed fatter wallets.  Wonderful.

It's a challenge having to live with one's in law, but J-Mom has really been awesome.  We've shrunk our 2 bedroom duplex into 2.5 rooms in her old Colonial.  The balance is something we all work on every day - we feel like we actually live here, like real live adults.  And J-Mom feels that her style and space are respected.

This works out well until we get to our new bedroom!  We moved back into my husband's childhood bedroom, which I'm sure one day he'll forgive me for.  It's a nice size room, real cozy.  Well, it's a nice size to me!  We're used to more floor space, but I would gladly give up a larger footprint to be able to have a more reasonable amount of stuff to maintain.  Smaller rooms are easier to clean, and these have the perk of having hardwood floors.  That alone is worth almost anything.

So we're doing the best we can to turn the former baby-space into an adult-space.  Pictures are forthcoming, but my husband is still asleep in there as I'm typing this!  Surely my gentle readers will forgive me for making this all text for now :)

EDIT: They're up now!  And there'll be more as we continue to nest.

For some simple tips that I've learned during this whole experience, head on over to my blog at Venice in Winter



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