to the Boy Who Broke My Heart

You were my world. I would have climbed every mountain, walked across the world, and swam through every ocean for you.

You were a boy that had struggled in life with money, body image, love, school, and much more. I thought I could fix everything, and I was someone who thought you were good enough, but thank you; just thank you, for breaking my heart. 

I have found a life that I couldn't have with you, but have to have on my own. 

I travel

I laugh

I love

I worked my way through problems ON MY OWN. As a woman, I tended to depend on you for most things like, school, communication, strength, guidence, and faith. I forgot that being a woman was beyond special and should not be taken for granted. 

To the boy who broke my heart, you did the best thing for me. You let me go, so I could learn to run on my own. It has been over two years since, and boy, do I run. 

You taught me how to love, I mean to REALLY love, with

                                    my heart

                                          my soul

                                              and my body

In life, no one is sure what they want and when they want it. Sometimes you are forced to go through things that you couldn't have even imagined. I hope life treats you well and I hope you think of me often;

think about me when you hear country music; when you see a red explorer; think about me on the fourth of July; when you watch scary movies; think of me when you see a drummer; when you dance to a slow song; think of me when you put on your cowboy boots; think of me when you learn to love again.

Thank you for taking a piece of me, and thank you for the sweet memories. I will always remember us, and how high school love is always bitter sweet.

Thank you for showing me how to fly, because I've never soared this high




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