Boys' Hairstyles and What's Cool Now

Winter may be the time of year to keep warm, but boy’s hair trends are staying cool! Whether your sun likes his hair long or short, 2013 promises to be a big year in boy’s hair trends.

Boy’s hairstyles got a shake up earlier this year when Justin Bieber cut his iconic hair. Though shorter trends are making their way back into the spotlight, his signature surfer-swoop is still popular among the tween set. And with the popularity of One Direction—and their ever-changing hairstyles—boy’s hair trends are cooler than ever.

The One Direction


One Direction Hairstyle, One Direction Haircut

The One Direction

The One Direction hairstyle, which I dubbed the Hyper-Bieber in a blog post earlier this year, is ideal for boys who want to stick with shaggy long locks and minimal effort.

Though the goal is windblown effortless hair, it is best to start with freshly trimmed medium to long hair. How to:

  • Brush hair from the top and sides of the head completely forward over the forehead and ears
  • Use a quarter-size amount of styling gel or cream and run hands through the hair from the back to front, sweeping it to the “one direction” of your liking
  • Use hands to finish shaping the style as desired

The Scoop on Spikes


The Spikey Look

Recently, spikey ‘dos have been making a comeback. Stars like Robert Pattinson and, you guessed it, a One Directioner have been spotted sporting short and spiky hair. I have always been a fan of the versatility of spikey hair. A little gel can give you porcupine spikes or a stylish faux-hawk, and skipping hair products altogether still leaves you with a brush-free get up and go hairstyle.

The spikey look is best achieved when a buzz cut begins to grow out, or by using longer settings on hair clippers. You want enough hair to work with, but short enough that on busy mornings no maintenance is required.
 How to spike:
Work gel through hair, then spike up hair on top and smooth out the sides. This adds a little texture to the look while keeping it from looking too perfect. Have fun with it!

The John-John

John-John Hairstyle, John-John Haircut

The John-John

The John-John, popularized by a young John F Kennedy Jr., has been a clean, classic cut for little boys for decades. Though the John John’s origins are dated, this timeless haircut is still a salon staple.

John-John maintenance is easy; all you’ll need is a comb and a little styling cream to keep this style sleek. How to:

  • Apply a small amount of styling cream throughout the hair to reduce frizz for polished look
  • Using a comb, create a side part and brush styling cream throughout hair for an even finish
  • Comb from part straight down on the shorter side. On the longer side, create the sweep by combing the hair downward slightly until you reach the middle of the forehead and begin coming upwards again placing all of the hair behind the ears.


Remember to choose your product based on the thickness of his hair. Use gel on thicker hair (try So Cozy Styling Gel), and styling cream on thinner and shorter hair (try So Cozy Styling Cream).

All boy’s hairstyles start with a good haircut, so stop by Cozy’s and let our team of expert stylists help you determine the coolest ‘do for your little dude. Have more questions about boy’s hairstyles? Just ask Cozy!

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