Summer Parenting Decision: Do You Let Your Boys Get Buzz Cuts?

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For many years, I wouldn’t let my boys buzz their hair -- I thought it was too harsh and military-looking for young kids. Then I went to visiting day at camp one year and both my boys had buzz cuts…and to my surprise I actually loved it!

The camp had a barber come before visiting day to get the kids’ hair cleaned up for their parents, and my boys seized the opportunity to buzz it (without mom’s approval). I couldn’t be mad; they looked great and were so happy! After that, I always asked them to get buzz cuts before camp -- it was the only way I could make sure they weren’t running around with long, wild hair.

A lot of boys want buzz cuts, but many parents are hesitant to chop it all off. Kids have beautiful hair when they are young and as parents we hate to see all that great hair on the floor of the salon. If it is the severity of the buzz cut that scares you, you should know that you have options. Make sure you know the buzzing basics:

  • Leaving hair longer on the top makes the buzz look less harsh
  • The #1 setting on a hair clipper is the closest you can get to a shaved head
  • Settings #2 and #3 are similar to each other, and leave hair a little longer
  • There is a #4 setting, but it is less popular -- boys generally just want the full buzz

My older son has since grown out of the buzz cut, but my younger son still gets a #2 buzz. After becoming the parent of two buzzed boys, I can assure you that buzzed hair has its perks. The biggest one? A buzzed head means no more battling with the hairbrush!

I welcome your questions or comments! Do your let your boys get buzz cuts?




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