2012 NCAA Bracket Busters


Madness, I tell you. They call the NCAA basketball tournament March Madness for a reason. I have never seen a tournament with the kinds of upsets that we saw yesterday.

Yesterday morning a total of four 15 seeds had beaten the 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Ever. It hadn't been done since Hampton beat Iowa State way back in 2001.

On Friday it happened twice. Before most people even got home from work Norfolk State (15) had upset Missouri (2) 86-84, then later that evening Lehigh (15) won a pretty convincing game over perennial basketball powerhouse Duke (2).

How many people had Duke going to the Championship game? Go ahead and raise your hands. Don't be embarrassed, Duke has won four NCAA titles under Mike Krzyzewski. It was a good guess. I got lucky. I had them Duke out in the second round and I only picked that because my choir director is a raging Duke fan and I like to see the look on her face when I trash her team. I never thought that the Mountain Hawks could take out the Blue Devils. To be honest, I didn't even know Lehigh's team was called the Mountain Hawks until yesterday. Thank you C.J. McCollum and company for teaching me that lesson.

The Lehigh and Norfolk State victories were the biggest upsets, but by no means the only ones. Besides the East region, which somehow went exactly according to rankings, things were a mess.

In Nashville, #14 Ohio beat #4 Michigan. No, not Ohio State, the Ohio Bobcats. The Ohio University Bobcats and N.C. State (11) upset San Diego State (6).

Only a few hours later The University of South Florida Bulls (12) beat Temple (4) 58-44. That USF win particularly blows my mind, because I gave up on the Bulls and went to bed late in the second half when the score was 9-19. Temple was killing them when I turned off the television.

Besides the big two In the west region St. Louis (9) took out Memphis (8) and in the south VCS (12) knocked off Wichita State (5), Colorado (11) defeated UNLV (6) and Xavier (10) stunned Notre Dame (7).

All in all we have seen some exciting basketball and we are only on Day 3 of this tournament. So will we get our Cinderella Story in 2012? I'd keep an eye on C.J. McCollum and Lehigh if I were you.

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